888Starz Review

888Starz Bet is a huge online gambling site that combines sports betting with casino play, virtual sports and other activities. It has its own cryptocurrency and is a “iGaming Mining Platform”, which makes it a unique addition to this space.


This site was licensed in Curacao, and launched in 2020. It targets major gambling areas all around the globe. This 888Starz Bet Review will take a closer look into everything this site has to offer. While there are some things I don’t like about the site (just my opinion), there are also many things I love.


It’s a unique and exciting gambling destination. Here are the reasons…


Minimalist gambling websites are not something I like. Recently, I was frustrated by a sportsbook because I had 4 or 5 links to navigate to the game I was looking for. This was despite it being the largest game of the day.


I enjoy many games, options, and menus. I will give you the middle finger if you offer me a mobile-friendly, streamlined online casino.


Fortunately, 888Starz Bet doesn’t have this problem. It has all the features you need, including menus, options and betting markets. It’s a mess.


The layout of 888Starz Bett is actually the answer to the question , “If players love having many options, why are most casino so minimalist?”. It is difficult to make a website look good if you have too much information.


This is something that some sites do an amazing job. One of best examples is Bet365. This site offers casino games, the UK’s largest sports, live streamings, promotions, a poker area, and many other features. It is also very user-friendly. 888Starz Bet obviously didn’t follow the lead of bet365.


If bet365 is your OCD aunt’s place right before she invites her neighbours over for drinks, then 888Starz Bet will be the same house when your aunt is on holiday for a fortnight leaving your uncle alone.


It may sound harsh, but this is true.


They not only try to squeeze everything onto one page, without giving thought to sidebars. But they also include old-fashioned banner ads as a way of advertising their affiliates and promotions.

It isn’t a bad site overall, but it is indisputable. This 888Starz Bet review While I will discuss its redeeming qualities, it is not the right site if you are looking for an easy-to-use website. To get used to the chaos, you’ll need to spend some time browsing the site.